Monday, August 31, 2009

Place Writing Warm-Up: Countryside

The thrum of crickets' wings trilled across the backdrop of fabric-like hills. Each shadow and texture inlaid into the scenery was dramatic, lines clearly sketched out. Whispering blue grass hid small creatures from sight.
The narrow, scarlet face of a she-fox peered out from her den beneath a dip in the earth, sniffing cautiously. Then she trotted out, seemingly confident, her two exuberant, tumbling kits bobbing after her.

A hawk passed over the sun, casting a haunting shadow that still seemed in place over the acres of blue and red and yellow
wildflowers. Mice froze for a moment, then skittered to a more secure shelter.
Horses watched from fenced in pastures, shaking their manes and whinnying, before kicking up their heels and galloping an adventurous romp around the length of twisted wire, yearning for the boundary-less freedom that glowed from the wild things.

The sky was a painted sapphire, the sun a saucer of liquid sunflower. A single platinum cloud floated drowsily across the horizon, contradicting the hurry of the land animals with a carefree, drowsy meander across the sky.

Horsetail and foxglove, mint and nettles all turned their emerald noses to the sky, and the world let out a contented sigh, a breeze tousling the golden hair of the hills.

Movement Writing

* This was a warm up for my Creative Writing class. We had to get movement in our writing.

She tore at the roots of the weeds, tossing them violently over her shoulder to lay in a crumpled trodden heap around the outside layer of herbs and flowers. A trail of wilting thistles crept after, plotting revenge in their wilted plant minds.
Her thin body seemed somehow strong as she traveled across the yard, ripping the intruders in her garden from their life source. Her expression was set, a determined glint making her bright green eyes shine. This was something she loved to do, no matter the dirt.
Fearlessly, she pulled up worms, relocating them to different plants, and stepped around the piles of fuming ants that skittered left and right, jaws thirsting for a victim to sink into.
Busily, she dug a row in the earthy bed, and dropped in tiny seeds, pushing the dirt over them and patting them down like a loving mother. Her little fingers left hand prints across the soil.

Musings on White

I don't know what makes the frozen crystals on the ground so fascinating, or what makes the sparkling kaleidoscope of winter wisps that tendril across the window each morning so beautiful.
I couldn't tell you why the sheet of pressed wood is so intriguing to fill with ink.
White is the absence of color, the undrawn world. White is emptiness and fullness. White is calming, yet it excites the mind.
We don't like white; we always want to fill it with color- to get rid of the void.
White is everything at the beginning and nothing at the end.

I'm a dork

I <3 Fox and the Hound, and these faces were priceless...!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alice Human Sacrifice Lyrics

In Some Place Was A Dream,
Who Dreamt It Unkown,
Such A Truly Small Dream It Was.
The Little Dream Thought,
"I Don't Want To Vanish Like This,
How Can I Make People See Me?"
The Little Dream Thought and Thought,
And Finally Came Up With A Idea.
"I Could Let People Stray Into Me,
And Create Their Own World."

The first Alice was a courageous red one
With a Sword in one hand through Wonderland
She cut down, many things that stood in her way
Making a path that was a trail of blood
The Alice walked deep into the woods and then she was trapped
A prisoned sinner
There was no way of knowing she was there
Except the red path that followed behind her

The second Alice was a calm, blue one
Singing a song that filled wonderland
The false notes which he sang till the end
Created a crazy world in wonderland
That Alice was born of a Flower
Was then shot by a cross-eyed man
Out from the wound then bloomed a flower
Everyone that had loved him, soon began dying

The third Alice was an innocent green one
The beautiful figure there in wonderland
She had fooled many people to do her bid
A strange country was then created up
The Alice was the queen of the country
Possessed by a dream of distortion
Afraid of losing her life to death
Ruling the country of hers forever

Walking down a red path in the forest
Under the blue rose trees, the two had tea time
An invitation to them from the castle was
The playing card of hearts

The fourth Alice was a pair of children twins
They were curious throughout the wonderland
They traveled through the doors to see all kinds of things
From there wandering that they had just arrived
A stubborn big sister, and smart little brother

They were nearing the first Alice's wonderland

The two were to never to wake from their dream
The twins then wandered through wonderland endlessly

Piper Belly

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Piper bunny

My bunny. Piper. Or Pipin Hot Mocha, haha

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