Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vocaloid and Missing Teeth

Holy crap I cannot draw with my pen tablet. I think perhaps I should just stick to the sketchbook.
Well fellow non-existent blog readers, I'm afraid I have drawn nothing new all week. Friday, I got my wisdom teeth out, so I spent the weekend in bed reading and watching movies galore.
When I got out of the surgery, I felt like my bottom lip was on the floor, and my words were tinted with a lisp. It was terrible! haha.
But it didn't start to really hurt until the second day. Eeew.
Anyway, I've been surfing the wonderful youtube for more Vocaloid songs, as I may be cosplaying as Len Kagamine for NDK this year.
Len is the one on the left, Rin is the right one. Yay twins!

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Took this pic with my phone

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Saturday, January 9, 2010


From the Labyrinth. Look at the goblin by Bowie's feet. LOL!

O Hai! <3

Perfect lolcats pic... But with an owl!