Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sand Chronicles

So I spent about an hour today going through my favorite manga, flipping from page to page.
I realized something: Sand Chronicles is probably the manga with the most messed up characters ever.
Ann's mom dies when she's 12 (suicide). She starts going out with Daigo. Her dad comes back for her. She moves to Tokyo. Fuji kisses her. She freaks out. She and Daigo start fighting. Daigo says he wants space. A while later, they break up. Ann goes through depression stage. Fuji and Ann start going out. Daigo and Ayumu start going out, cause she says that Ann and Fuji have been going out for a long time. STUPID IDIOTS!
Anyway, here's a pic of Fuji and Ann (bottom), and Daigo and Ann (top).

Kimi + Boku = Love?

Don't ask about the title. It's the opening for an anime I like. I couldn't think of anything interesting to put as the top.
Adelais (My Secret of the Solstice account) is level 34 now. Takes forever. As soon as I hit level 66, though, I can change my class to a rogue. Yay! What sucks though, is that the assassin (the next stage) is over done in the costume sense. It has claws like Wolverine! Oh well... The only ones with a cool final stage is a mage and an acolyte (Either way you chose to go).
I suppose I could always be a scout, but they're weird and weak.
School starts tomorrow, so less time for leveling. I'll do my best!
We have a fasion show in French on Wednesday... T_T. Save me.
Actually, it sounds fun, but it also seems stupid. We dress in outlandish outfits and parade around the theatre room, while our classmates describe our apparell in French... Blah...
So bad news.
The nest I mentioned earlier was abandoned, and completely covered in snow a couple days ago. Something must have happened to the mother. Sad.
The eggs are dead now.
Haven't seen any more birds nests around our property, though the birds have been plentiful.

I have a song stuck in my head : La Vie Boheme, from the movie RENT. Great movie. One of my favorites...

Anyway, sorry I haven't blogged for a couple days, guys! ^.^ Talk to you all tomorrow.
I'm gonna do one more post tonight tho.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Before I say goodnight for the day, I just wanted to mention that I was lighting the fire in teh fireplace, and I found a picture to document that momentous occasion.
Oh, yes. It just doesn't get much better than this...

Don't Let the Cat out of the Bag

I was emailed this link by Dani. Go check it out!
It's the meanings and origins of all the sayings you've ever heard.
The only one I couldn't find was "Let bygones be bygones!" O_O
What is a bygone anyway?
As Eddie Izzard said, "Oh, it's a thing that's gone by, I suppose... Invasion of the bygones!" Dramatic music... "That's a very British invasion isn't it... Invasion of the bygones... 'Look, we don't mean any trouble!'"
Anyway, check it out when you can!
And see Pixar's newest film: "INVASION OF THE BYGONES!" Coming soon to a theatre near you!


Finally, after three or so days of pulling teeth, Otori-chan finished Model Mayu. FINALLY! You have no idea how many threats I used on her.
"If you don't finish in the next hour, I'm never calling you again!"
"You have a deadline! So if you cross the line, you're dead!"
or even
"I know where you sleep."
Needless to say, none of them really worked... T_T... Stupid Sempai...
Anyway, here is the final draft...
And again, I'll say...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forget Plots!

I know I promised a plot here, but you know what? I'm just as bad at procrastination as my artist! I'm not good at writing synopsizes (maybe? O_O). I can't shrink three books worth of story into a paragraph. So in short, you're gonna have to wait a while until we can get everything sorted out, and I can figure out how to get the plot into words...

Here's the basic gist of it, though.

Mayu and Yuki are highschool students, brought together through a double date set up by their best friends. They immediately clicked, and snuck away to escape from Meroko and Ryogo's lovey-dovey atmosphere. After a few dates, Yuki suddenly starts to get distant, then avoids Mayu completely. She finds out that he has terminal cancer...

BOO! Did I scare you?

I don't want to give stuff away... So MWAHAHAHA! I shall stop there.
Eventually, I'm gonna put up pictures of Mayu and Yuki together... O_O Eventually...

Modeling Agencies

So, I know I said that I would talk more about Final Snow here, but I dont have time, so I'm just gonna put up the work in progress that dearest Otori-chan, who I love to death right now, sent me. It's one of the two main characters of our manga. She's modeling for the magazine with Yuki, her boyfriend.
The picture isn't complete, so when I get the finished copy, I'll post that one up too.


I should've mentioned this a few days ago.

I got back into contact with my dear friend, Allisen.

I hadn't talked with her for over an year, and it was fun to call her up, saying "Hi!" I was surprised she remembered me! Anyway, I've talked to her pretty much every day since (I think it's been every day...), even if it wasn't for very long every time.

It's so cool, though. She's still a major otaku (for those who don't know, it's her you have to blame for me getting into anime) and is still the Alli-chan that I remember!

*Puts on a crazy runway star attitude* I'd love to give a shout out to friends, old and new, and tell them that I love them all! <3 haha.

I'm completely obsessed with this new song. It's called "Up All Night," by Hinder. It's basically about getting high, but the beat is really cool... I love the lead vocalist's voice... Anywhoooo.....

Next blog update, I'm gonna talk about the manga my friend and I are planning on publishing as soon as I can get her to freakin draw... (OTORI-CHAN, YOU PROCRASTINATOR!!!!!)


When the world of an anime otaku and a book editor combine, you know there is something seriously wrong with you.

I just got my first job as an editing intern done, and I was worried about the time I used, but Chris, my boss said that three working days was plenty fast enough, so there wasn't a problem. I was freaking out, though, because there was only two pages to the assignment, and it took me forever to go through it doing the best job I could.

It's a little intimidating trying to straighten out someone's writing when they're older and more experienced than you, but I'm really good with the placement of commas, so I could catch those pretty quickly.

Perks to being an editor:
-You get to read the manuscript before anyone else in the general public
-You can work from the comfort of your own home
-Your pretty red pen seems to be brighter and more fluid when you use it on other people's writing

I love it so very much!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dream Come True!

I should've posted this up a long time ago. Now I can die happy! It's not every day that you can be buried alive in stuffed animals. Hooray!
Thank you, Saki-chan, for making my wish into reality! Thank you so much for having abundant stores of stuffed animals behind your bed.

Yellow Watermelon

I spend too much time on that stupid game. SOMEONE STOP ME!
I got my first yellow watermelon today, but not because I was vigilant in my quest. I whined, until someone said "Oh! I have one!" THANK YOU LILY! In case you can't tell, I'm quite hyper right now.

Spring break is two days over; not long left... T_T

There isn't much to do out here, but I have the phone, computer and a countless number of animals.

Speaking of animals, I found a nest today with two small brown eggs. I believe it's a sparrow's nest. I'm a little concerned though, because I've been watching the nest from the house, and I haven't seen the mother fly in or out all day. I'm going to keep tabs on it until the eggs are hatched and flown away! I'll even put up a picture. The egg color is deceiving you though. The flash made them look blue...

Monday, March 23, 2009


And because I got complaints from a friend, saying that I should put up another picture, here you have it. My suckish nine-tailed fox. T_T It's horrible. End of story.
And I'm also gonna put up the pic that I drew a few weeks ago.
So for anyone that loves me, I'd love a new one for a present! <3

Up All Night

Well, the Spring Pug came Thursday, delivering his baskets of joy and... POCKY!
Three boxes of strawberry goodness.

I spent today getting my hair cut, going to the store, coming home, watching Bolt, and drawing random pictures of cats. Speaking of which, here are the better two of the stack.

Grrr! I can't get the image to rotate!

Anyway, on another note, I'm absolutely addicted to a game called Secret of the Solstice. The only problem: It takes up tons of space on my computer. Grrr.
My character is level 25. Finally, it's letting me get a pet on it, but I have to find 5 watermelons. Five yellow watermelons. I'VE NEVER SEEN A YELLOW WATERMELON ON THE STUPID GAME! Or in reality for that matter.... O_O

Saturday, March 21, 2009

BAM! And the stain is gone!

I've realized that when I use onomatopoeias, I sound like a super hero! I am Jelly the Invincible, second in command to the Peanut Butter Avenger!

I hate those commercials though. Especially the Oxyclean commercial. That guy annoys the CRAP out of me. He yells the whole time. Does he not understand that there is indeed a volume adjuster on our remote? If we want to hear his obnoxious voice, we'll turn up the volume.
I thought today I'd post up a picture... But my camera is dead, so that's an impossibility. I'll put up one I took on the way to Nebraska for my Grandpa's brother's funeral though.
It was a beautiful sunset. I took a bunch of pics, but that one was by far the best.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Operation: Pants Begins!

Hey! Tis I. Katie. So, here we have the first post in the blog of doom!

In case you were wondering, there is a story behind Operation: P.A.N.T.S.

Well, my character in my story's name is Kaiyo. Her older brother is Sesshomaru from the anime, "InuYasha." Well, Kaiyo started mumbling to her best friend about how Sesshomaru needs a tail. She decided that she would pin one to his pants (pants said with a British accent). So P.A.N.T.S. means "Pin A New Tail on Sesshomaru." So, fun!

Anywho, CSAP is finally over. What a relief. Worst week of the year, but it's also relaxing, because I can finish the test in approximately ten minutes. And I get like an hour of sleep... Or reading time. It's nice..... T_T But it's officially over. So boo, but yay. If that made any sense.
Forgive me. This only being my first blog post ever, you can't blame me for it being so... sporadic.


Other than that, today kind of sucked. I was exhausted, sore all over, strangely sad, etc.
I'm going to be breaking up with my boyfriend tomorrow. I don't want to hurt him, but it's inevitable. I just... don't like him anymore. He's clingy and possessive. Yeah, so that's tomorrow's quest.

I'm going to be starting to post up my art and writing stuff, so look forward to it, fellow P.A.N.T.S. agents!!!!!

And so I end for tonight!