Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forget Plots!

I know I promised a plot here, but you know what? I'm just as bad at procrastination as my artist! I'm not good at writing synopsizes (maybe? O_O). I can't shrink three books worth of story into a paragraph. So in short, you're gonna have to wait a while until we can get everything sorted out, and I can figure out how to get the plot into words...

Here's the basic gist of it, though.

Mayu and Yuki are highschool students, brought together through a double date set up by their best friends. They immediately clicked, and snuck away to escape from Meroko and Ryogo's lovey-dovey atmosphere. After a few dates, Yuki suddenly starts to get distant, then avoids Mayu completely. She finds out that he has terminal cancer...

BOO! Did I scare you?

I don't want to give stuff away... So MWAHAHAHA! I shall stop there.
Eventually, I'm gonna put up pictures of Mayu and Yuki together... O_O Eventually...

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