Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yellow Watermelon

I spend too much time on that stupid game. SOMEONE STOP ME!
I got my first yellow watermelon today, but not because I was vigilant in my quest. I whined, until someone said "Oh! I have one!" THANK YOU LILY! In case you can't tell, I'm quite hyper right now.

Spring break is two days over; not long left... T_T

There isn't much to do out here, but I have the phone, computer and a countless number of animals.

Speaking of animals, I found a nest today with two small brown eggs. I believe it's a sparrow's nest. I'm a little concerned though, because I've been watching the nest from the house, and I haven't seen the mother fly in or out all day. I'm going to keep tabs on it until the eggs are hatched and flown away! I'll even put up a picture. The egg color is deceiving you though. The flash made them look blue...

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