Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't Let the Cat out of the Bag

I was emailed this link by Dani. Go check it out!
It's the meanings and origins of all the sayings you've ever heard.
The only one I couldn't find was "Let bygones be bygones!" O_O
What is a bygone anyway?
As Eddie Izzard said, "Oh, it's a thing that's gone by, I suppose... Invasion of the bygones!" Dramatic music... "That's a very British invasion isn't it... Invasion of the bygones... 'Look, we don't mean any trouble!'"
Anyway, check it out when you can!
And see Pixar's newest film: "INVASION OF THE BYGONES!" Coming soon to a theatre near you!


  1. You like Eddie Izzard? That's one of my dad's favorite comedians! I'll have to tell him about that~! ;P

  2. Woot! Go Eddie! He is my number 1!!!!!