Monday, February 22, 2010

Grawr Dramaness...

So he definitely does not like me. It's obvious. He said he did, but I don't think I believe him. No, I know I don't believe him.
Geez I feel like Chriss Leroux from DramaCon... I know it won't work out like that though. Reality sets in the moment you compare your life to a manga. It's fictional, and life and romance don't work out that way. Reality sucks.
I don't know. But he doesn't act the same way around me anymore. Maybe it's because of last week's drama. I'd rather him just shoot me down straight, and be blunt and honest about it, rather than keeping me guessing. ARGH!
If what Frissa said was true, and he doesn't like me enough to ask me out, and just likes me as a friend, then I wish he'd tell me that himself.
But things don't match up. I mean, what Chelsea said, what Frissa said, and how he's been acting- just don't fit.
I think I should just give up and let it go. That's what you get for opening your heart to someone. After Josh, I should've just stopped. There's no reason to put your heart out there just to have it stepped on.
I will say, I was happy. And I like being around him. But I don't want to continue feeling like this if he doesn't feel the same way.
ARGH I WISH MATT WERE REAL AND I REALLY WERE CHRISS..... Things always seem to work out so well in books and movies, and manga. I wish life were the same way. It's really sad the way it all pieces together in reality. Maybe it's time to stop dreaming, get my head out of the clouds, and focus on school.... No more art, no more writing, no more fantasizing like a five year old girl.
Sigh. Who am I kidding....
Well, for now, I'm signing off...
Peace dudes
--Rue Out...
P.S. OMG I FEEL LIKE FANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. He is an unkind fool to toy with you. Keep believing you are the treasure that you are and that only the most wonderful can discover you, and others only dream!