Sunday, April 26, 2009

I will get one when I get out of highschool. Need to start to save...

Find a veterinarian who is experienced with exotic animals. Because their needs differ from cats and dogs, you will need to work with a vet who is willing to vaccinate and care for your fennec fox.
Get an appropriate permit. Many states have strict regulations concerning exotic pets. Learn the rules for your state and make sure you have the paperwork you need to keep your fennec.
Provide housing for your fennec. A large (four story) ferret house will work nicely for your fennec fox when you can't watch it. Otherwise, it will be happiest running and playing inside or outside with you.
Feed your fennec a healthy diet. Buy high-protein dry dog food to mix with canned cat food and a tablespoon of mixed vegetables for a balanced fennec diet.
Play with your fennec every day. These are highly social, very active animals that may enjoy playing catch, chewing on stuffed toys or even chasing strings like a kitten.

Unfortunately, they cannot be owned in Colorado, and since I was already planning on moving to Maine for collage, I'll get one there. It's soooo pretty there... I can't wait! Mom, Dad, Dani, come visit me!!!!!

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