Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mass Casualty

Hey hey, blog readers. My computer decided that it wanted to get stuck on italics, so sorry. But you'll have to deal with that. Today, I did a giant mass casualty thing at the fairgrounds, and got eight hours of my community service done- and had fun in the process. It was to help the fire department practice what to do in a mass casualty. The situation was a school bus that crashed into a gasoline truck. My situation was second degree burns on both legs.
So we had to act like we were actually in pain. I must say, I feel like I did a good job. I was screaming, and crying (I actually got my eyes to leak), and I clawed at the seats like I was in pain. It was way fun. And I rode in the ambulance. Anywho, I took a picture best I could, but I don't know how well you can see it. I had blister like things while I was there, but those wore off when I pulled down my pant legs.


  1. Wow, that sounds like...Fun? (Getting fake burns...Actually, yeah, fun!)

    Hm. You should go into acting. Or VOICE acting!

    But, getting burned on both legs sounds awful. (I wonder if anyone video-taped it, maybe I could find it on youtube =3 )

  2. Haha, yeah. We were in the news, YAY! ^_^

  3. Dani sent me some pics from the Mass Casualty exercise... looks like you guys had fun.

  4. Yup. What was your first impression of the pictures?

  5. Haha >_< I was worried that you would freak out at first...