Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lovely Complex: Best anime ever!


  1. Is that the one where the girl is tall and the boy is short?

    They're cute anyway!

  2. Yeah. It's my favorite series right now. You read it?

  3. I read the first chapter in Shojo Beat. I need to read more.

    Is it good?

  4. It's my FAVORITE series. I love it. I only have the 1st nine volumes. I need the last three. Grrr.
    It's funny, isn't it?

  5. It is. Fun and funny.

    By the by, have you seen/read an anime/manga called 'Tactics'?

    (Oh, and I watched volume 1 of Wolf's Rain, I reconized a voice actor!)

  6. Johnny Bosh? (I love Wolf's Rain)
    And no I haven't! Is it good?

  7. Mona Marshall (Who does Toboe), Is the voice of Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou! Me and Onna laughed. (Yes, Johnny too.)

    Yes! Tactics is...It's about a writer/exorcist. He tries to defeat (and sometimes befriend) demons and finish his story by his deadline! (Although, he gets his fox demon named Yoko to write most of it...)

    Also, Vic is in it. He plays a mountain god married to a...It's a...Some kind of demon I think...(Vic is a god named Sugino who is married to a demon named Muu-Chan)

    It's funny. It's a comedy but, it's serious too.

  8. Vic!!!! I'M NOT SHORT!!!!!! >_<
    I wanna watch it! Yay!
    Toboe! SO CUTE!!! SQUEEE!
    I'm hyper....

  9. Yay, hyper!

    You've watched and/or read Ouran, right? The character Vic does in Tactics is very similar in personality to Tamaki.

  10. I love Tamaki... And Vic Mignogna is the best voice actor ever!