Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So for those who I haven't blabbered to, I've started ballet. I feel so prettty!
It's wonderful. (Above-That's me in my leotard! I was having an impossible time getting a non-blurry pic of me... Argh!)
Each class consists of barre stretches,

across the floors,

and port de bras (carriage of arms)...

(I suck at port de bras, haha.)
In June, we're doing a school-wide performance of The Wizard of Oz. I look forward to it- but I fear the thought of dancing on stage in front of people. I can just hope that I get much better by that time.

I wanna go en pointe- but I have to have two years of twice a week classes before I advance a level. That means I either will have to take another style of dance, or go to the Saturday technique class. It's all to build up the strength necessary to go en pointe... I'm not sure though. sounds a little intimidating- and I've heard it hurrrttssss!

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