Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've realized that recently all I have been posting on my blog are pictures. Nothing really about my reality about life outside art.
It's finals week, but from this point out, I'm not really worried. My biology final was today, and it ended up being surprisingly easy. I suppose the study time I had with Katie payed off.
Semester is almost over- which is really sad, since I won't be having art or creative writing any longer. Those classes were wonderful! I feel so improved this year!
I need to stop drawing though. It's starting to get a little out of control, though I am proud to say that there hasn't been a single doodle in my Algebra notebook. Just 119 pages of pure notes!

I look at some other blogs and feel ashamed at mine. Their posts are like... -holds arms wide- this long!
Someday, I will have enough to talk about that I will write that much!

Dance is worrying me, I must say. We just learned choreography last week for our Christmas party on Thursday. I am not ready- I can't remember a bit of it! And to make things worse, I have the very front position.
It's set like this:
^ - me
^ ^
^ ^ ^ ^
^ ^

I am going to crash and burn and fail miserably! Worse, is people I know are going to be coming! Like friends and parents. To make things worse, it's not a very interesting or lengthy dance.
Can you tell I'm freaking out a bit?

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