Monday, July 13, 2009


Sleeeeepppyyy! -_-
Today's Quote:
"And then Dr Seuss said unto his disciples "Thou must HOP ON POP"
haha. I think I'm going to have a quote from now on somewhere in every blog post.
Well, I've done it. I can't believe it- but I got a Facebook. KILL ME NOW! I actually I think I might delete it. I probable will as soon as school starts. I don't need another distraction. It's quite hot here today. And I'm so sleepy! I've found that I'm always tired after drawing or painting or whatever. I did an acrylic painting today of several aspen trees. I'll see if I can post it up...
There we go. Jeez tho. Acrylics were such a pain. The colors kept drying too fast, and I used so much paint! Rawr! But anywayyy! Hi all!


  1. Pretty. Even the background of the picture is pretty. Good work.