Friday, July 10, 2009

Here comes the Hag!

So you all remember Meesha, right? Mmmmhmmm, sure you do. Well, I've been getting texts from her, where she pretends to be my friend, and then she says something completely malicious. Well, tonight, I told her I was sick of it, and she said that she wouldn't drop it. Things got a little heated and nasty, and then she threatened me, saying, and I quote, "Wait till i see u at school that going to be fun". Now, if the horrible use of the English language wasn't enough, she's after me. Soooo, what should I do? Am I allowed to put like a restraining order on her? I've locked the text so that it doesn't erase, as proof if needed. What should I do?
And Geeeeeeez! She makes me so mad. She rubs salt in healing wounds so frequently, that I'm raw. Plus she talks about how awful her home life is, and yet she somehow finds time to go to anime cons, a job, hangs out with her boyfriend all the time, has super nice clothes, etcetera. I think everything she feeds those around her is crap. I mean, of course, I don't know anything about it except from what she's told me, but still. From the information I've gathered off of what she's told me and everyone else, it's all lies. It just doesn't match up.

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  1. Sounds like she isn't worth wasting much energy on. Monsters wither when we don't believe in them anymore.